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    Gerrit Cole, Pittsburgh Pirates - client of Proball

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Welcome to Proball

Our mission is to provide top quality baseball instruction in a professional atmosphere with a positive learning environment.

Proball prides itself on using cutting edge technology and the most advanced knowledge available for training both the physical and mental aspects of baseball. Our model for training is individual-specific, results-oriented and comprehensive. We expect our clients to advance their playing status in a systematic and timely manner. We believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of success but useless if not converted into tangible results.


Proball is the best place in Orange County to hone your baseball skills. You can't beat their one-on-one training programs which are provided by the most experienced coaches around.

Shawn Green, Former MLB Player

I consider Zak Doan and Dr. Ben Strack to be two of the most respected and knowledgeable baseball instructors in So Cal. They understand what it takes to develop the complete baseball player both physically and mentally. I recommend all my top players to ProBall Baseball.

Pat Doherty, Tustin Mets Baseball Club

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Become a Member

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Instructional Camps

Our camps are structured and comprehensive. We limit the number of enrollees to maintain high quality player-to-coach interaction. The focus of our camps is on skill development. Our camps foster a fun learning environment but promote an appropriate level of competitive intensity to maximize skill development. Summer and winter camps are formatted in a “progressive” manner for maximum development. Our coaches teach at a higher level so that when each player enters the camp their capacity or performance “ceiling” is heightened and is more sophisticated by the end of the camp. We also offer position-specific skill development for players who wish to learn how to play a new position.

Educational Baseball and Softball Workshops and Seminars

Proball offers a variety of educational programs and seminars including:

The Mental Game of Baseball

This workshop/seminar is an introduction to the mental tools that are critical to achieving high level performance.

Injury Prevention for Baseball Players

This seminar covers the important aspects of playing injury-free baseball. Proball’s staff physician presents the key components to proper self-care of the athlete’s body. Learn tips on how to identify the warning signs of injury and develop a strength training program that is right for you.

Collegiate/Professional Scouting and Recruiting

To get to the next level, you need to know what scouts are looking for. This seminar is designed to give you an inside glimpse of how college and professional scouts determine a player’s eligibility, potential, “make up” and draftability.

Diet and Nutrition

You can’t put mud in your gas tank if you want your car to run smoothly. Proper food intake and vitamins/ supplements are critical to the athlete’s body. There are a lot of supplements on the market that are not only unhealthy but dangerous to your body. Diet and nutrition experts present the latest knowledge on what’s “good” and what’s “bad” for your body. Learn which drinks, powders, shakes, concoctions, etc. are right for you.

Strength Training and Flexibility

Get bigger, faster, and stronger. Learn a training program/regime from our certified trainers that is right for you.


Coaches’ seminars are designed for the Little League coach. Learn detailed practice schedules for fielding, pitching/throwing, hitting, stretching/speed/agility, team cohesion/leadership/motivation.